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To submit a claim use one of the appropriate links below. If none are available for your particular claim, please contact us directly.

Claims and Roadside Assistance Direct Numbers

(Numbers in blue are available 24 hours)

Concord Group Insurance

New Hampshire Clients
Phone 1-800-888-6050
Fax (603) 225-5659


Maine Clients
Phone 1-800-482-7443
Fax (207) 784-2116


Massachusetts Clients
Phone 1-800-888-6050
Fax (603) 225-5659

Roadside Assistance: 866-454-4326

(Want to access your policy online? https://www.concordgroupins.com/SelfService/Account/RegisterPolicy)

Foremost Insurance

Auto Policies: 800-274-7865

All other policies: 800-527-3907

Roadside Assistance: 1-800-554-6678

(Want to access your policy online? secure4.billerweb.com)

Hanover/ Citizens Insurance

Claims and Roadside Assistance: 800-628-0250

Platinum Members Claims: 800-799-6977

Fax: 800-399-4734

(Want to access your policy online? https://www.hanover.com/mhp/#existing )

Liberty Mutual Insurance

Phone: 800-225-2467

Roadside Assistance: 800-426-9898

(Want to access your policy online? https://maintenance.libertymutual.com/pilibertymutual/ )

Main Street America Group/ MSA Insurance

Phone: 877-425-2467

MMG Insurance

Phone: 800-343-0533

Auto Glass Claim’s Only: 877-664-5277

(Want to access your policy online? https://my.mmgins.com/login.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2f )

Mt. Washington / Plymouth Rock Insurance

New Hampshire Clients

Phone: 800-932-6288 or Local: 603-224-6288

Fax: 603-224-4610


Massachusetts and Connecticut Clients

Phone: 8883241620

Fax: 617-951-1624

Roadside Assistance: 855-513-5174

(Want to access your policy online? https://ci.plymouthrock.com/eservice/#/login )

National General / Tower Insurance

Phone: 800-325-1088

Roadside Assistance: 888-310-4173
(Want to access your policy online? https://service.nationalgeneral.com/LoginInsured.aspx )

Ohio Mutual Insurance

Phone: 888-895-7725

(Want to access your policy online? https://360access.omig.com/wps/portal/!ut/p/a0/04_Sj9CPykssy0xPLMnMz0vMAfGjzOINcABHA_3IvFyr_MwUq_KCYj2f_PTMPP2CHEdFAOKG624!/ )

Patriot Insurance

Phone: 866-460-1776 x2

Fax: 888-235-7289

(Want to access your policy online? https://secqa.patriotinsuranceco.com/phs/LoginRegisterLanding.aspx?mode=pr )

Progressive Insurance

Phone: 800-274-4499

Roadside Assistance: 800-776-2778

(Want to access your policy online? https://account.progressive.com/access/login?cntgrp=A&session_start=true )

Safeco Insurance

Phone: 800-332-3226

Roadside: 877-762-3101

(Want to access your policy online? https://customer.safeco.com/accountmanager/Login/login.aspx )

Safety Insurance

Phone: 800-951-2100

Auto Glass Claim’s Only: 877-615-6576

(Want to access your policy online? https://www.safetyinsurance.com/myaccount/ )

Travelers Insurance

Phone: 800-252-4633

Roadside Assistance: 800-252-4633 option 3

(Want to access your policy online? https://www.travelers.com/login/#/ )

Union Mutual Insurance

Phone: 800-300-5261

After Hours Phone: 800-445-2330

Auto Glass Claim’s Only: 888-299-0354

(Want to access your policy online? https://www.umv4me.com/webpath?rq=LoginPage&_ga=2.99044894.1026292296.1494444405-1507850506.1494360849 )



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